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We are a San Francisco dryer repair company that has seen just about every dryer problem you could imagine. Drying machines that won't heat up at all, that take multiple loads to finish, that don't even turn on, and some that make very loud noises. That's just the most basic of problems we have faced. Because of our extensive history of being the go-to solution for those in need of a dryer repair in San Francisco CA, we know exactly what to look for and how to spot which dryer parts may need replaced.

We can get your dryer up and running again. No machine is beyond repair. The only thing is whether the machine is worth the cost of the repair. The cost of your dryer repair will depend on the dryer parts that need replaced, the extent of the labor and the specific model of drying machine that you own. Hopefully you have a common make and model, but we have sources for dryer parts in San Francisco CA for just about every machine made in the past 20 years.

If you give us a call today we will find a time that fits your schedule to send a technician out to your San Francisco CA home. We work quickly to ensure that anyone in need of a dryer repair in San Francisco CA receives the service that they need. We understand the difficulty of not having a working dryer. So feel free to contact us if you live in the San Francisco CA area and require a quick and efficient dryer repair solution.

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There are numerous parts that play a role in a dryer drum operating properly. These parts, when not damaged, support proper rotation of the drum. In most dryers, there are many rollers that fix the drum in place. There's a felt fabric or pad that helps to minimize on friction. This material is also responsible for regulating airflow as it serves as a minor air seal. It's also common for a dryer to have a single ball bearing, which is fixed in place behind the drum. The dryer may start making squeaky, grinding noises if these parts become defective.


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